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Q: I am interested in becoming a member of the Site Selectors Guild, how can I get more information on that?

A: The Advisory Forums (Familiarization tours) are one of the most effective ways a region or area can market itself to site selectors and enhance business attraction efforts. Since the Site Selectors Guild works with states, regions and communities to provide officially sanctioned forums, you have the opportunity to learn from some of the nation¹s leading site selectors all at once. In addition, the tour can and will be customized to fit the goals of the community.

On an officially sanctioned Site Selectors Guild Advisory Forum, six to ten compensated members will visit a community to get a feel for the available sites and buildings and overall business climate while providing their valuable insight.

These events usually occur over a two-day (or two and a half day) period, and because the event is tailored to you, the agenda can be customized as well. Some of the activities we have engaged in during these customized forums include:

* Leading roundtable discussions

* Providing feedback to the EDO on its programs and about the region

* Visiting with major employers, elected officials and policymakers

* Touring available sites and buildings

* Learning about innovative workforce development strategies

* Technology-led economic development initiatives, etc.

Pricing varies on the number of consultants requested.

If you would like to have additional information, please contact the Site Selectors Guild Manager, Angela Rogers @ 501-246-3943 or [email protected]

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