Advisory Forum Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a Site Selectors Guild (SSG) Advisory Forum. We look forward to working with you and your community.

Please note: a handling fee of $500 will apply to all inquiries. That fee covers the following:
Upon completion of this form, SSG will distribute to our membership for response. Within two weeks, we will send to you the names of the consultants who indicated their ability to meet the requirements, as well as their availability and interest in participating in the event. The inquiring party will then be permitted to select the consultants from that list that they wish to attend the event.

OPTIONAL: For an additional fee, SSG can act as one point of contact between all the contracted consultants and the organizing party for event communications, travel arrangements, travel issues, and invoicing. If interested, please contact SSG for more information.

(Note: Participation by SSG consultants in any Advisory Forum or Service event is voluntary. SSG does not guarantee any number of consultants will respond to any given inquiry.)

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We conduct regional Advisory Forums throughout the world in partnership with local or state economic development organizations and IPAs

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