Become a Guild Member

The Site Selectors Guild welcomes new members who are fully committed to our mission and core values.


Requirements for Full Membership

Full members must…

  • Be actively engaged as site selection professionals who have demonstrated deep experience and expertise in the business of providing corporate site selection services
  • Possess peer and client referrals and the established respect of other site selection professionals and industry participants
  • Have at least seven years of site location experience and demonstrate that they have led and are leading projects where they interfaced with corporate leadership
  • Be leaders in the site selection field and demonstrate that they are published and quoted as experts in the field
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct established by the Site Selectors Guild


Requirements for Associate Membership

Associate members must…

  • Be actively engaged as site selection professionals
  • Have at least three years of site selection experience, with multiple site selection projects during that period
  • Be recognized professionals in the site selection field
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct established by the Site Selectors Guild

We appreciate your interest in becoming part of the Site Selectors Guild. If you have any questions about membership or want to receive an application packet, please contact Angela Rogers.


Membership Admission Process

New members and associate members will only be admitted following an extensive due diligence process and peer review of a completed application submitted before the deadline.

The membership committee will recommend an applicant for membership if they meet all experience, leadership, Guild policy and code of conduct requirements. Board approval is required for new non-shareholders.

The Guild is not required to accept any new members in any given year and is not obligated to share the results of the new member due diligence or voting process.


Recent New Members

2021 — John Longshore, Tara Nicholson, Leslie Wagner, Matthijs Weeink, Sarah White, Kim Moore, Taylor Gravois

2020 — Olaf Babinet, Jan Desmaretz, and Von Hatley, H. Robert Boehringer, III

2019 — Gregory Burkart, Ron Crum, Alexandra Segers, Tom J. Stringer, Kenneth W. Maly, Denise M. Mott, Sarah Raehl, Chad Sweeney, and Montgomery “Monty” Turner

2018 — Frank Spano

2017 — Woody Hydrick and Wolfgang Riedel

Request A Membership Packet

If you meet all the requirements to be a Site Selectors Guild member and would like to be considered for membership, please request an application packet.


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