Choosing a site for your business is a task that should only be trusted to a true professional. The site selection process is one of elimination. Our members will lead you through each step of the process, factoring in both qualitative and quantitative data while prioritizing your company and its goals. Ultimately, the value of using a Site Selectors Guild member is in guiding you to the right relocation or expansion decision for your business.

Members of the Site Selectors Guild have unmatched experience working with clients from Fortune 500 companies to up-and-coming corporations to select the optimal location and mitigate risk. Most of the SSG members also offer additional specialized locational services such as feasibility analysis and incentives negotiation to conducting due diligence.

Our members are the drivers of location decisions and have longstanding relationships with economic development professionals in state, regional and local economic development organizations. Through those relationships our members have developed knowledge of how to maximize growth and job creation, such as:

– Knowing who to contact to get a project in motion
– Negotiating effectively by knowing how a state’s economic development office works, what programs they offer and their incentive history

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Founded in 2010, the Site Selectors Guild is dedicated to advancing the profession of international corporate site selection by promoting integrity, objectivity, and professional development.

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Guild members provide location strategy to corporations across the globe and for every industry, sector, and function.

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We conduct regional Advisory Forums throughout the world in partnership with local or state economic development organizations and IPAs

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