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The One Day One Sector Summit are small, in-person networking events that focus on specific industries ranging from advanced manufacturing to data centers. To be eligible to attend a One Day One Sector Summit, you must be a practicing professional from a local, regional, state or national economic development organization in the U.S. or abroad.

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The Site Selectors Guild launched the One Day One Sector Summit events in 2021 in response to a demand for smaller in-person events.

2021 Summits to date include:

  • One Day One Sector February 8-9, in San Antonio, TX, with a sector focus on advanced manufacturing
  • One Day One Sector April 19-20, in Nashville, TN, with a sector focus on supply chain management and data centers.

The Guild implemented and adhered to all governmental mandates during the entirety of the event. Registered attendees were given necessary sanitary and protective equipment to use throughout the event.

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