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Site Selectors Guild Welcomes Frank Spano to Membership

The Site Selectors Guild (SSG), the world’s foremost organization of location advisory consultants, welcomes one new member to the organization in 2018. With the induction of Frank Spano, the organization’s membership reaches a new high of 44 and continues to showcase the world’s top site selection professionals.

Frank Spano is the Managing Director of Austin Consulting based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Frank has advised and recommended locations for numerous manufacturing clients in his 30 years with Austin Consulting. He has worked in a wide range of industrial sectors including consumer products, food and beverage, automotive, aviation, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, distribution centers, publishing facilities and the alternative energy industry. Frank has represented clients on projects in urban and rural areas throughout North America and Europe.

“One of the most unique attributes of the Guild is the ability for all of us to share best practices and thought leadership among members to better the profession of site selection,” said SSG Board Chair Mark Williams. “We look forward to the experience and knowledge that Frank will add to our ranks.”

 About The Site Selectors Guild
The Site Selectors Guild is a professional association comprised of the world’s leading corporate location advisory consultants to companies looking to build or expand. The mission of SSG is to advance the profession of corporate location strategy by raising the awareness of the value professional location strategy and site selection services create for corporations, sharing thought leadership and best practices, developing and nurturing relationships between SSG members, economic development organizations and corporate stakeholders and contributing to policy discussions that affect location strategy and the future of the profession.

All members of SSG have been nominated and approved by their industry peers. As the first and only group of its kind, SSG brings together a dynamic network of site selectors from around the world, combining their talent and expertise to create an invaluable, top quality resource for both corporations seeking site selection assistance and the economic development community. For more information, visit or follow @siteselectguild on Twitter.