2017 Excellence in Economic Development Award Winner: Brunswick-Glynn County Development Authority’s Dave Smith

2017 Excellence in Economic Development Award Winner: Brunswick-Glynn County Development Authority’s Dave Smith

March 23, 2017

March 23, 2017

Brunswick, GA— The Site Selectors Guild (SSG), the world’s largest group of senior site location advisors, honored Dave Smith and the Brunswick-Glynn County Development Authority (BGCDA) with the 2017 Excellence in Economic Development Award at its annual conference.

Winning professionals and economic development organizations (EDOs) are nominated by SSG members and are selected based on mastery of process; ingenuity and creativity; going above and beyond; political acumen; staying power; and personal, caring touch.

“We recognize the top performers in economic development,” said SSG Board Chairman Mark Williams. “They are indispensable partners of the Guild and their outstanding efforts deserve to be celebrated.”

When a company being recruited by BGCDA ran into a $2 million obstacle associated with development of the project’s potential site, Dave did not give up.  He and his team instead researched, spoke with area experts and discovered an alternative solution that, incredibly, overcame the financial hurdle. It was a win-win for everyone involved.

“It takes creativity and a calm demeanor to handle oppositions with such grace,” said SSG Member Tracey Hyatt Bosman, who nominated them for this award. “Dave and the entire BGCDA team not only proved they could adjust under pressure, but they showed a financial creativity that enabled the community to keep the project. We are pleased to honor Dave and his colleagues with this much-deserved award.”

The Excellence in Economic Development Awards were created to promote positive interactions between site selection professionals and EDOs, to encourage innovation by highlighting EDO best practices, and to introduce and advance high standards for the site selector profession.

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