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Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) and Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) provide invaluable support to site location consultants and, by extension, their clients. One mission of the Site Selectors Guild is to foster the vital relationships between economic developers and site selection consultants through sharing of valuable information and feedback from our work with corporate clients in order to help make regions and communities more competitive and successful. The Guild offers many opportunities for economic development professionals to make meaningful connections with its members throughout the year and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in site selection and corporate location decisions.

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Guild Partner Program

Premier Access to Consultants

The Guild Partner Program aims to build strong, working relationships between EDOs and the industry’s top site selection consultants. It offers EDOs enhanced access to site selection consultants through intimate, partner-only networking events with Guild members, first-in-line access to register for Guild conferences and, recognition on the Guild’s website and more. Browse our partner directory to see who is involved.

Attend Events

Networking Opportunities

The Site Selectors Guild is committed to sharing knowledge with our economic development community through several events. The Annual Conference, Fall Forum and One Day One Sector Summits are among our signature events that are designed to be fully interactive with ample networking opportunities, education sessions about the latest trends, and dedicated time for mutual sharing of best practices and innovations. In addition, our Virtual Table Talk events offer speed networking opportunities with multiple Guild members via Zoom.

Host an Advisory Forum

Bring Guild Members to Your Community

An Advisory Forum brings Guild members to your community to tour and understand its workforce, available properties, assets and amenities, and overall business climate for a particular target industry or industries. Participating Guild members then provide valuable live feedback and high-level recommendations as to how the community can be more competitive in its business attraction and economic development efforts.

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Located across North America, Europe and Asia, Guild members have advised hundreds of companies across nearly every industry, sector and function on expansion or relocation decisions over the past decade. Browse through our member directory to access contact information and read up on our members’ experience, industry expertise, geographic areas served and more.