REDI Sites

The First National Site Readiness Program

REDI (Readiness Evaluation for Development and Investment) Sites is the new national standard in assessing site readiness for U.S. office and industrial projects. Administered by the Site Selectors Guild, REDI Sites provides a searchable database of available sites that have undergone rigorous assessment set by the world’s foremost group of site selection consultants.

REDI Advantage

Benefits to Economic Developers

REDI Sites brings standardization to an assessment process that has historically varied across municipalities and states.

The site readiness program gives site selection consultants fast access to project-ready sites that have undergone a rigorous assessment process set by the Site Selectors Guild, the only association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants. Site selection consultants can quickly search and compare sites across the U.S. that meet their criteria and have been vetted with a stringent and uniform methodology.

REDI Sites’ designation process provides economic development organizations and sites with national recognition for their investment in preparedness. Economic development organizations will receive feedback with their designation on how to improve site readiness and guidance on reapplying if additional due diligence is completed. Upon approval of a site, the economic development organization is eligible to promote its site designation and will receive digital assets to include on their website, collateral and presentations.

Designation Process

How REDI Sites Works

Businesses and economic development organizations can register for the site readiness program. Applicants will submit various documents and information to be assessed and given a score and designation level (bronze, silver, gold or platinum) based on the site’s level of readiness as determined by the Site Selectors Guild. Designation is valid for one calendar year. If further actions are taken to increase the site’s readiness for development, the site can be resubmitted and redesignated.

Designation benefits:

  • Listing of your site in a national database, instantly searchable by any SSG member
  • Nationally recognized designation for site readiness and include in your marketing materials
  • Know how to level up site designation and reapply when more due diligence is completed
  • Benefit from the Guild’s own marketing of the program to corporations

Site Review


Primary site review criteria:

  • Ownership and Entitlements
  • Utilities
  • Ease of Development
  • Environmental
  • Logistics


Program Eligibility

Eligible sites must be:

  • Located in the United States
  • Five acres or larger
  • Available for sale or lease.

Participant Fees

10% Discount of Application Fee for Guild Partners

Size (Acres) Registration Fee Application Fee
5-49 $450 $3,000
50 – 99 $450 $3,250
100 – 249 $450 $3,500
250 – 499 $450 $3,750
500 – 999 $450 $4,250
1,000 – 1,999 $450 $5,000
2,000 + $450 $6,000

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