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If you’re looking to bring Site Selectors Guild members to your community, receive feedback on local business attraction and retention issues—look no further. The Site Selectors Guild offers opportunities for economic development organizations and other related entities to engage Guild members for Advisory Forum services.

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General Information

A Site Selectors Guild Advisory Forum is one of the most effective ways a region can market itself to site selectors and enhance business attraction efforts. The Guild works with states, regions, and communities to provide officially sanctioned Advisory Forums where economic developers and their stakeholders have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading location strategists.

Hosting an Advisory Forum provides economic development organizations (EDOs) with a unique opportunity to showcase their state, region, or community to professional site selectors, who will provide an assessment of the community’s strengths and opportunities as a destination for the new office, technical, and/or industrial business investment.

Benefits and Agenda

What’s Included?

During an official Guild Advisory Forum, three to five (or ten if you like!) members will tour and inspect a community or region to get a high-level understanding of the workforce, available properties, community assets and amenities, and the overall business climate for a particular target industry or industries. Based on this first-hand field inspection, as well as knowledge from conducting site selection projects across the country and internationally in numerous communities, the Guild consultants will then provide valuable live feedback and high-level recommendations as to how the area can be more competitive in its business attraction and economic development efforts.

Guild Advisory Forums take place over the course of three days, tailored to the community or region where it’s held. The tours and the number of consultants can be customized depending on need, geography, budget, industry focus, and other factors. The event begins on Day 1 with an introductory dinner and overview that evening , followed with a full day on Day 2 of touring, field inspections, meetings and another working dinner, and culminates on Day 3 with a morning panel discussions to discuss findings and conclusions with the Guild consultants, presented to an audience of the client’s choosing. This panel discussion will provide specific feedback and high-level recommendations on ways to become more competitive for business investment, and provides education to the community stakeholders on how business location decisions are made and what other leading economic development are doing to attract business investment.

Cost Structure

What is the Pricing?

Pricing depends on location and the number of consultants.

  • North America – Base fee is $20,000 plus travel expenses (airfare, lodging, and meals). Includes 3 consultants. Price increases proportionally ($5,500 per additional consultant + travel expenses) for larger forums.
  • International – Base fee is $40,000 plus travel expenses (airfare, lodging, and meals). Includes 5 consultants. Price increases proportionally ($7,000 per additional consultant + travel expenses) for larger forums.

A deposit of 20% of the total fee is due upon contract execution, with the balance due at the conclusion of the event.

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Previous Clients

2022 Advisory Forums:

  • Intersect Illinois (6 Guild members)
  • Clay County, FL (3 Guild members)
  • Greater Peoria Economic Development Council (3 Guild members)
  • Fredericksburg Regional Alliance at the University of Mary Washington (4 Guild members)

2021 Advisory Forums:

  • Detroit Regional Partnership (15 Guild members)
  • Choose New Jersey (6 Guild members)
  • Southeast GA Alliance (3 Guild members)
  • City of Monroe, LA (5 Guild members)

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