Experts In Corporate Location Decisions

Site selection consultants partner with corporations to design and execute optimal location strategies for business operations. Site Selectors Guild members have helped hundreds of companies around the world with expansion or relocation decisions over the past decade. In fact, in the past three years alone, Guild members facilitated the announced creation of approximately 165,000 jobs and $90 billion in announced capital investment. Guild members are located across North America, Europe and Asia and have worked with companies across nearly every industry, sector and function.

Finding the ideal site to locate a new or expanding business is a complex task. Professional site selectors can provide expert advice to resolve geographic deployment challenges such as…

  • Aligning global or regional footprints in support of business strategy
  • Assessing the impacts of business relocation and/or consolidation
  • Determining which sites to expand or contract
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of establishing new capacity at a selected site
  • Negotiating meaningful incentives packages
  • Coordinating the entire decision-making process

The Value of Site Selection

Find out why 85% of corporate executives surveyed have engaged a site selection consultant when making a location decision.

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Why Retain A Site Selection Consultant?

The Benefits

Of all the reasons to work with a site selector on location strategy, perhaps the most compelling is that consultants are the heads of the industry. Site selection is an infrequent project for many corporate executives and their companies. Working with a consultant, and tapping into their expertise, maximizes efficiency throughout the process and ensures that your location will yield both short-range and long-term benefits.

Working with a consultant also allows the executive team to focus on its core competency: shaping strategy and managing business operations. More importantly, a site consultant’s advice is unbiased and supported by a strong logic trail. This helps to generate “buy in” from pertinent stakeholders. Familiarity with location strategies/tactics enhances the technical competency that consultants bring to each client project.

How Do Incentives Fit into the Site Selection Process?

And How Consultants Secure Them

Once locations that satisfy key operating objectives have been identified, the site selection consultant will play a pivotal role in obtaining economic incentives to enhance future financial performance of the new facility.

Incentives can involve site infrastructure, financing, utilities, taxes, grants, training, tax exemptions/abatements, permit expediting, etc. The site selection consultant will secure formal offers in writing and quantify multi-year savings. This will become an element in the ultimate decision of choosing a final location.

While incentives negotiation is an important location advisory service, it is only one of many factors involved in site recommendations and the site selection decision-making process. Clients determine the importance of incentives in each project’s overall success formula.

What Data is Used in Site Selection Decision Making?

Incorporating Stats, Facts and Knowledge

Site selection consultants are experts in data sources and their applicability to location decision makers and will utilize various information sources to assemble proprietary databases for exclusive use in corporate site selection. This allows the consultant to align data with decision tools and models, resulting in efficiency and tailored analytical outcomes.

Once a consultant has gathered the data, they analyze and interpret through an experienced lens–tapping on their own knowledge, tools, and models to provide invaluable analysis.

Finally, consultants hit the ground with field-based research. Eliciting real-time knowledge of conditions, evaluating the locations resources, and analyzing the region gives consultants a thorough understanding on if the site will fit the needs of the client.