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Leading Location Strategists

Behind the majority of corporate location decisions stands a professional site selection consultant who helps the company identify the best location for talent, operating costs, office/plant options and more. The Site Selectors Guild is the world’s only association of site selection consultants.

Site Selectors Guild members have helped hundreds of companies around the world with expansion or relocation decisions over the past decade. In addition, the Guild partners closely with economic development professionals though with a range of networking events and offerings to help them make their communities more competitive and successful.

The Value of Site Selection Consultants

In a perception study, the Site Selectors Guild surveyed nearly 150 C-suite executives about their familiarity with the site selection profession, their experience with location advisors and their knowledge of the Site Selectors Guild.

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We survey the Guild’s 50+ members regularly on the latest trends in corporate location decisions and hot topics in site selection and economic development.