Thank you for your interest in the Site Selectors Guild. Below is a complete list of available jobs with the Guild. To apply, please send your resume and salary history to [email protected].

POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Executive Director, Site Selectors Guild


The Site Selectors Guild is the only association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants. Guild members provide location strategy to corporations across the globe and for every industry, sector and function.  Founded in 2010, the Guild now comprises 44 members.  A volunteer-driven, for-profit corporation, the Guild has evolved from it’s beginnings as a relatively unstructured gathering of competitors to become a much more cohesive, collaborative and collegial organization.  Along the way, we’ve also disrupted the traditional models dictating interactions between site selectors and economic developers.  Our annual conference, which consistently sells out in 15 minutes, has changed the landscape for such events and has become a major (and reliable) source of revenues for the Guild and its members, as have other revenue streams.

Until now, the business of the Guild has been conducted by a seven-person Board, assisted by a paid, part-time advisor.  We also have contracted with service providers for conference and meeting management; accounting/tax; marketing and legal support. Other responsibilities are shouldered by volunteer committees, whose members (like the Board) receive small, annual stipends. Together we have articulated our shared mission, vision and values; enacted bylaws, shareholder agreements and a code of conduct; and adopted our first ever annual budget.

The Board is now seeking to take the Guild to the next level by hiring a full-time professional manager to help us (among others):

  • Achieve revenue targets and financial goals;
  • Adopt best practices for organizational management and administration;
  • Build greater Guild (and site selector) awareness among corporate location decision-makers;
  • Develop ties to like-minded organizations;
  • Facilitate and enhance the exchange of knowledge and information among members; and
  • Develop and train the next generation of site selectors.

We are committed to working with the chosen candidate to create a role that offers achievable career growth, a high degree of personal impact and job satisfaction.  We also will devote the budget and resources necessary for the selected candidate to perform effectively in this role.

The Guild is incorporated in the State of Illinois. Our members hail from North America, Europe and Asia. Our service providers are based in Arkansas, Illinois, Ohio and South Carolina.  Thus, this position can be domiciled almost anywhere (though the continental U.S. is preferred, to facilitate interactions with members and stakeholders).

If you are interested in being considered for this exciting new position, please review the information on the following pages and observe the instructions for application.


As the Site Selectors Guild is a small organization, supported by various service providers, the Executive Director is to be our sole paid manager/administrator.  We envision that the selected candidate will mobilize the Board, committees, individual members and vendors as necessary to accomplish many of the tasks outlined below.

  1. Business Operations

Administer the business of the Guild including budgeting and financial oversight, preparation for and management of Board and shareholder meetings, business planning, vendor selection and management, business continuity, cyber security, insurance coverage, records retention and knowledge management, committee management and shareholder and member relations.

  1. Strategy and Planning

Operationalize and implement the Guild’s strategic plan.  Drive new strategic initiatives through Board, committee and member engagement.

  1. Finance and Accounting

Direct the Guild’s financial affairs in conjunction with the Treasurer, Board of Directors and advisors.

  1. Legal and Governance

Ensure that Board elections, operations and activities conform to the Guild’s bylaws and that shareholder agreements and the code of ethics are enforced.  Work with the Guild’s legal advisors to keep these and other documents current and relevant, to enter into or enforce contracts and to manage any advocacy or political activities.

  1. Membership

Work with the Membership committee to enhance existing methods and develop new approaches to recruit, retain and engage members. Help to design new member onboarding process. Work with the Board and Membership committee to develop approaches to increase the number of minorities, women and young professionals in the Guild.

  1. Advocacy

With the Guild’s legal advisors, track key issues at the state and national/international level that have the ability to impact the business of the Guild or the site selection profession.  As needed, mobilize members to communicate the Guild’s message to policymakers.  Work with the Board to develop policies for social responsibility.  May function as spokesperson for the Guild.

  1. Marketing and Communications

Provide strategic and operational leadership and work with the Guild’s marketing and communications committee and service provider to promote our services and our interests to corporate location decision makers, economic developers and other stakeholders. Embrace new approaches to traditional and social media, website and others. Work with the Board and members to develop and implement new products and services.

  1. Affiliations and Partnerships

Recommend and help implement new relationships and affiliations with like-minded organizations.

  1. Meetings and Events

Support the Annual Conference, Fall Forum and Advisory Forum committees, and work closely with the Guild meeting and events planner to design and produce these events. Identify new opportunities to develop revenue generating events and online/virtual events.

  1. Special Projects

Undertake special projects at the Board’s direction and as time and budgets allow.


The Guild Executive Director will report directly to the Board of Directors.


  • Be able to thrive in a “startup” environment
  • Have the proven ability to guide and execute an organization’s vision and strategy
  • Be honorable and ethical in all business dealings and personal relationships
  • Have working knowledge of the location decision-making process and the roles of corporate clients, site selectors and economic developers
  • Have the stature to positively influence a wide range of constituencies, a natural ability for effective networking and relationship building, conflict resolution skills and the ability to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders in a collaborative partnership orientation.
  • Have well-developed financial management skills and acumen
  • Be highly organized and able to work independently
  • Possess a proven set of business development skills
  • Understand successful approaches to working with volunteers to accomplish goals
  • Be an extremely effective communicator and listener
  • Act at all times with courage, good humor and aplomb
  • Be able to become a passionate advocate for the Guild
  • Be able to travel, extensively on occasion
  • Be authorized to work in the United States


  • P&L responsibility at the organization, firm or divisional level
  • Experience on, working with, or reporting to a Board of Directors
  • Management responsibilities in a volunteer-driven organization
  • Prior experience directing the activities of a professional or trade association, public/private partnership, or similar organization, is preferred.
  • Prior experience in site selection and or economic development or business/investment attraction is helpful, but not required.


All members of the Guild possess college degrees, many have advanced degrees or education beyond four years of college, as do our stakeholders. Candidates for this position are expected to reflect a commensurate level of educational attainment.


Interested persons should submit their credentials, salary history and contact information by June 9, 2018 to [email protected].


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