Guild Research Aligns with CNBC’s Top States Ranking

Guild Research Aligns with CNBC’s Top States Ranking

July 14, 2021

CNBC’s 2021 list of America’s Top States for Business is live – the methodology of which largely overlaps findings of independent research recently conducted by the Site Selectors Guild.

The annual list, published by CNBC since 2007, assesses states on 10 categories, each weighted based on how hard states are pushing that category in their economic development marketing.

Cost of Business rose as the most heavily weighted category this year. A new category – Life, Health and Inclusion – measures traditional quality of life factors such as crime rates as well as states’ progress in ending the pandemic and on racial and social justice issues.

Independent findings from a June 2021 survey of Guild members saw similar trends.

When asked about diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) as a factor in the site selection process, Guild members reported the greatest increase in prevalence among large, multinational publicly traded companies and mid-to-large-sized IT companies, particularly those which are consumer facing. Guild members added that talent accessibility and operating costs remain the top priority for most companies.

CNBC’s Scott Cohn recently interviewed Guild board chair Chris Lloyd about the changes in site selection as a result of remote work and social movements. Chris’ comments are included in, ‘How remote work changed the way companies think about where to keep offices.’

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