Ever Wanted to Join The Site Selectors Guild? Now’s the Time!

Ever Wanted to Join The Site Selectors Guild? Now’s the Time!

June 29, 2017

The Site Selectors Guild is now accepting membership applications during 2017 for qualified, site selection professionals.

Dedicated to advancing the profession of international corporate site selection, the Guild promotes integrity, objectivity and professional development. Members are peer-nominated, vetted and must demonstrate significant professional location advisory experience.

The Guild is considering the addition of a very limited number of qualified individuals, and the Guild membership is the highest standard in the site selection industry and reserved for individuals who demonstrate broad experience, expertise and engagement. Membership is also restricted to individuals actively and primarily working as site selection professionals and excludes all real estate brokers, incentives negotiators and organizations.

So what do Guild members do? Here are some common activities members partake in:

  • Providing education, networking forums and conferences that foster site selection support and the exchange of site selection ideas and experiences
  • Researching and disseminating information on topics relevant to site selection
  • Consulting business and economic development organizations about industry issues
  • Maintaining high standards of professional conduct and facilitating cooperation among members
  • Leading corporate site selection professionals while protecting the interests of Guild members
  • Advancing the profession of corporate site selection and location strategy advisory services

All applicants should be committed to advancing the corporate site selection profession and maintain high standards of professional conduct.

Applicants are required to submit three references from economic development or investment promotion agencies and three referrals from past site selection clients. All references should include information about the applicant, their firm’s work and the scope of work provided. All referrals must reference work completed in the last five years, and all applicants must demonstrate a minimum of seven years’ site selection experience.

The Site Selectors Guild prides itself on members who conduct themselves with a spirit of professional cooperation, collegiality and fairness whenever interacting with clients, economic development organizations, the business community or other members. Not only is Guild membership the highest industry honor, but also a fun, enriching community that builds strong professional bonds and unique experiences.

If you have any questions or would like to submit an application, please send it to Angela at the Angela Rogers Group:
phone: (501) 246-3943
email: [email protected]