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How Site Selectors Work with Companies

Site selection consultants partner with client teams to design and execute optimal location strategies for business operations. Professional site selectors can provide expert advice to resolve geographic deployment challenges such as aligning global or regional footprints in support of business strategy, assessing the impacts of business relocation and/or consolidation, determining which sites to expand or contract, evaluating the pluses and minuses of establishing new capacity at a selected site, finding the best location for establishing new capacity, negotiating meaningful incentives packages, recommending best sites/buildings and coordinating the entire decision-making process. Site selection consultants typically have extensive experience in multiple industries and offer a global service delivery platform.

Site selection consultants follow a structured process to help clients resolve location challenges. At the outset, the consultant engages in discovery to understand the challenge, define requirements/criteria, delineate scenarios to be evaluated and finalize the analytical approach. Thereafter the site selection consultant adheres to a multi-stage process, which ultimately results in the final recommendation. Throughout the process, the consultant and client engage in frequent dialogue to ensure optimal outcomes.

Decision Support – Professional site selection consultants provide recommendations that are strictly based on what is in the company’s best interests without any personal bias coming into play. A site selector may also participate in discussions as a moderator and third-party participant to help your executives come to a decision in your site selection pursuit. Site Selectors Guild members are recognized as industry leaders. They have created invaluable analytical tools and models that, when combined with accumulated knowledge, produce customized and optimal location solutions for corporate clients. Guild members are at the top of their field, have excelled at location strategy and consulting for years and have been closely vetted by their peers in order to become members of the Site Selectors Guild.

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A professional site selector is a vital partner on any corporate expansion or relocation project. There are several factors to consider when choosing a site selector.

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Why Retain a Site Selection Consultant?

There are many reasons to call on professional site selectors for advising on location strategy and site selection. Perhaps the most compelling rationale is that location strategy/site selection comprises the core competency of consultants in this field. As site selection is often an infrequent event for many companies, tapping a consultant’s expertise can maximize efficiency and ensure that your location will yield both short-range and long-term benefits.

Working with a consultant also allows the executive team to focus on its core competency: shaping strategy and managing business operations. More importantly, a site consultant’s advice is unbiased and supported by a strong logic trail. This helps to generate “buy in” from pertinent stakeholders. Familiarity with location strategies/tactics enhances the technical competency that consultants bring to each client project.

How do Incentives fit into the Site Selection Process?

Once locations that satisfy key operating objectives have been identified, the site selection consultant will play a pivotal role in obtaining economic incentives to enhance future financial performance of the new facility.

Incentives can involve site infrastructure, financing, utilities, taxes, grants, training, tax exemptions/abatements, permit expediting, etc. The site selection consultant will secure formal offers in writing and quantify multi-year savings. This will become an element in the ultimate decision of choosing a final location (metro or county, community, ad site/building).

What Data is Used in Site Selection decision making?

There is a profusion of data, from both government and private sources that can be accessed to support corporate site selection analyses. Some data are available at no cost while other sources entail a fee.

Site selection consultants are up to speed on both data sources and their applicability to location decision makers. Site selection consultants will utilize many information sources to assemble proprietary databases for exclusive use in corporate site selection. This allows the site consultant to align data with decision tools and models, resulting in efficiency and tailored analytical outcomes.

Gathering pertinent data for effective use on a site selection project is only one part of the puzzle. The second part is synthesizing, analyzing and interpreting data for each unique project. Here, the consultant’s knowledge, tools and models are invaluable for producing optimal solutions.

Once “database” information has been gathered and analyzed, the next step involves empirical research. This research requires field-based due diligence. The site selection consultant will follow a process for eliciting real-time knowledge of operating conditions in the targeted area or region. This output is vital to ascertaining if a location’s resources will be a good fit for the client both in the immediate future and longer term.

The site selection consultant will analyze myriad factors such as logistics, human resources, utilities, sites/buildings and risk to determine how well a specific location meets the most critical requirements and needs of the business operation. The consultant’s experience and expertise will accelerate the decision-making process, enable a quicker path for time to market and engender confidence that the recommended location will maximize successful business operation.