Founder and CEO of Putnam Bridge

Founder and CEO of Putnam Bridge

February 3, 2015

February 3rd, 2015

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Founder and CEO of Putnam Bridge to welcome Site Selectors Guild members during annual conference in San Juan
Mr. Nicholas Prouty will make opening remarks to assembled consultants and economic developers from around the globe.

Little Rock, AR – The Site Selectors Guild is pleased to announce that Nicholas Prouty, founder and CEO of Putnam Bridge, will deliver the official welcome during the opening event of the 2015 Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference on February 24, 2015 at the Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel in San Juan. Mr. Prouty will be introduced by Executive director of PRIDCO Antonio Medina Comas.

“Speaking before the Site Selectors Guild is a great honor because it provides an opportunity to enlist influential people in the reinvention and restoration of Puerto Rico as a hemispheric and global powerhouse,” said Nicholas Prouty.

Within the past few years, Mr. Prouty’s firm has been active in Puerto Rico and has made significant investments, including the acquisition of Ciudadela, a mixed use real estate development in Santurce, and Puerto del Rey, the largest marina in the Caribbean. “The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is proud of our partnership with investors like Mr. Prouty, who come to our island to make significant contributions to our economy and society. People like him can attest of the vibrant and reliable ecosystem that Puerto Rico provides for a diverse set of investments”, added PRIDCO executive director.

Mr. Prouty has been a real estate principal in several companies. In addition, he has served as an advisor to many specialty real estate companies.

The 2015 Annual Conference will mark the fourth consecutive year that the Guild has held the event, which has become the largest and most prestigious gathering of business location experts and economic development professionals in the world.

“The Site Selectors Guild is very pleased that San Juan, Puerto Rico and PRIDCO were selected to host our 4th Annual Conference. Our Members and conference attendees look forward every year to this unique Corporate Site Selection and Economic Development learning and networking event, and this year we are especially looking forward to learning more about Puerto Rico and the drivers of its economic success,” said Philip Schneider, Chairman of the Site Selectors Guild.

About SSG
The Site Selectors Guild is the only association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants. Guild members provide location strategy to corporations across the globe and fore very industry, sector, and function. Founded in 2010, the Site Selectors Guild is dedicated to advancing the profession of international corporate site selections by promoting integrity, objectivity, and professional development. Members are peernominated, vetted, and must demonstrate a significant amount of location advisory experience. Guild Membership is the highest standard in the site selection industry.

About The Site Selectors Guild

The Site Selectors Guild is a professional association comprised of the world’s most respected site selection consultants. The mission of The Site Selectors Guild is to advance the profession of international corporate site selection by promoting the profession and providing education, networking and other services to those involved in the industry.

All members of The Site Selectors Guild have been nominated and approved by their industry peers. As the first and only group of its kind, the Site Selectors Guild brings together a dynamic network of site selectors from around the world, combining their talent and expertise to create an invaluable resource, unmatched in its quality, for both corporations seeking site selection assistance and economic development organizations.

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