Site Selectors Guild Awards

Annual Conference Awards

Recognizing outstanding work in economic development, the Site Selectors Guild awards program is open to economic development organizations and their partners and communities. Our “Projects with a Purpose” and the “Community Innovation: Building a Better Business Climate” awards recognize exemplary initiatives addressing social and environmental issues and building healthier environments for business.

A panel of Guild members select winners based on Guild-developed criteria. Winners receive complimentary registration to Annual Conference and are recognized during the event.

Read more details on the award categories and criteria below.

Submit to the Awards

The call for entries for the 2022 awards will open in fall 2021.

Projects with a Purpose


This award honors individuals or organizations (including but not limited to EDOs/IPAs, non-profits, corporations and utilities) who/which have successfully implemented location selection projects that go above and beyond job creation to address social and/or environmental issues within a community. Recipients are helping to tackle the most challenging problems by reducing inequality or promoting a healthier environment.


There must be some elements of a traditional site selection project, i.e., job creation or retention, new investment, and competing locations for the project to qualify. (In other words, a company that decides to start recycling at an existing facility would not be eligible.)
The project must have been completed or substantially completed within the last 18 months (specific timeframe will be given for 2022 awards when call for entries opens).


While the awards are in no way limited to the examples below, we’ve listed some of the types of projects that could qualify for inspiration:

  • Company that chooses to clean up a brownfield and not only relocates there but also builds a park on the property.
  • EDO proactively assembles a site and incentive package in an economically disadvantaged area and, as a result, lands a major job creation project.
  • Company locates in a depressed area that does not currently offer the labor skill sets the company needs, but the company will be teaming with the local technical schools to provide a pipeline of talent for the company and job opportunities for local residents.
  • Manufacturing company plans and builds a new operation that achieves carbon neutral status through innovative partnerships with local utilities.
  • Company uses traditional criteria to choose its location but then works closely with local workforce groups to heavily leverage veterans’ placement offices, apprenticeship programs for disadvantaged youths, and second chance candidates to staff its new facility.

Community Innovation: Building a Better Business Climate


This award recognizes a unique initiative, public policy program or legislative action that was created and successfully implemented in support of economic development and building a healthier environment for business on a local, state/province or national level. The award is open to individuals and/or organizations, including but not limited to EDOs/IPAs, non-profits, utilities, public officials or private sector leaders.


The initiative must be truly innovative, a first of its kind or a unique way to support economic development. Simply passing a new incentive program or lowering taxes does not qualify unless truly innovative.

The new initiative, public policy program or legislative action must have been implemented within the last 18 months (specific timeframe will be given for 2022 awards when call for entries opens).


While the awards are in no way limited to the examples below, we’ve listed some of the types of initiatives/actions that could qualify for inspiration:

  • County Council passes resolution enabling/requiring high school to fully integrate curriculum with tech school.
  • Community creates a learning institution for skills set development, e.g. a vocational high school; a community college.
  • Neighboring communities pool incentive resources in support of a potential project, with both communities pledging to deliver incentives regardless of which of the two communities is chosen, just to keep it in the region.
  • EDO or nonprofit launches a unique talent attraction program – providing innovative incentives or programs to attract a certain skill set or type of individual to fill a talent gap.


Can I submit for more than one award, or submit more than one entry for the same category?
Yes, as long as you meet the requirements outlined in the award descriptions above.

Can a person/organization self-nominate?
Absolutely! A nominee can either self-nominate (and we encourage this!) or be nominated by a third party.

Is there a cost to submit?

If my project or initiative doesn’t fit within the examples listed, can I still submit?
Yes, and we highly encourage it. The examples listed are simply meant to help generate ideas.

When is the nomination deadline?
Deadline for 2022 awards will be announced in the fall of 2021.

When will winners be notified?
Information forthcoming for 2022 awards.

How many winners will be chosen?
One winner will be chosen per category.

When will the 2022 winners be officially announced?
We will officially announce and recognize winners during the Guild’s Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, March 2-4, 2022.

Who selects the winners?
A selection committee of Site Selectors Guild members will select the winners.

How are the winners chosen?
After we receive the nominations, the selection committee will independently review and rank each contender. We will compile all rankings and use an averaging system to determine the winner.

What is required of those who are selected?
Winners are required to send us a logo to use for marketing purposes. In addition, we’d love for the winners to attend Annual Conference, in San Diego, CA, March 2-4, 2022 (complimentary), to be recognized there.

What does complimentary registration to Annual Conference for winners include?
Award recipients will have the Annual Conference registration fee waived but will remain responsible for all additional conference attendance expenses including, but not limited to, travel, accommodations, and any pre-conference activities. Each recipient will be responsible for making his/her own travel arrangements. This year’s Guild Awards fee waiver applies only to the 2022 Guild Annual Conference to be held in San Diego, CA, March 2-4, 2022, and is not transferable nor can it be applied towards a future conference or other Guild event.

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