How to Find the Right Site Selector

How to Find the Right Site Selector

June 9, 2017

A professional site selector is a vital partner on any corporate expansion or relocation project. There are several factors to consider when choosing a site selector.

Geographic Location

Determining the geographic location of your site selector comes down to personal preference. You might be more inclined to hire a site selector who is close to where your current business is geographically located. This will facilitate day-to-day interactions and meetings, and is a method that many businesses prefer.

Another option is to find a site selector working in the geographic location that you want to be in. If you are an international company looking to site a project in the U.S., you may choose to work with a U.S.-based site selector rather than someone from your own country.

Finally, you can choose a site selector with a broad base of geographical experience as that person can compare and contrast best practices and tactics learned from working projects in multiple locations. 

Industry Specialization

You’ll also want to research whether any potential site selectors you want to hire are already knowledgeable about in your business sector. Many site selectors specialize or handle multiple accounts within the same industry and have become experts in that field. These site selectors will be able to guide you more efficiently in the direction you will need to go since they are already familiar with your business needs.

You can search for a location advisor based on geography or industry using the Site Selectors Guild’s database.

How did you find a location advisor for your last project?