COVID-19 Impact on Corporate Location Decisions

In April 2020, the Site Selectors Guild in partnership with Development Counsellors International (DCI) surveyed Guild members to gather insights to inform corporate decision makers and economic development organizations on how trends in site selection and corporate location strategy are shifting due to COVID-19. Major findings include an uptick in on-shoring in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, a dwindling demand for office space as remote work becomes the new norm, guarded optimism that corporate location decisions will resume in late 2020 or 2021 and more.




The State of Site Selection

In this report, the Site Selectors Guild partnered with Development Counsellors International (DCI) on a multi-pronged research effort to identify the top trends impacting the location decision making process in the United States and globally. The report digs deeper into five key areas: new methods to locate hidden talent; the impact of trade wars on site selection; how customer delivery expectations are driving distribution projects; incentives under the public eye; and the expected effect of automation on the workforce.




Ready or Not: The Value and Future of Site Readiness Programs in Corporate Location Decisions


Site readiness programs have become a valuable tool for economic development organizations and site selection consultants alike, but a lack of defined standard has led to significant inconsistencies across the 36 states where they are currently active. This white paper evaluates the current state of site readiness programs and provides arguments for future standardization.




The 2020 Annual Conference is currently underway in Atlanta. With a 1:8 ratio of site selection consultants to economic developers, Annual Conference offers some of the best networking in the industry.

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