Site Selectors Guild Seeks Program Director for New Site Readiness Initiative

Site Selectors Guild Seeks Program Director for New Site Readiness Initiative

February 6, 2024

Program Director
Site Readiness Initiative


The Site Selectors Guild, Inc. (the “Guild”) is the only association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants. Guild members provide location strategy to corporations across the globe and for every industry, sector, and function. Founded in 2010, the Guild now comprises 67 members, many of whom are shareholders of the Guild. Our members currently hail from North America, Europe, and Asia. A volunteer-driven, for-profit corporation, the Guild has evolved from its beginnings as a relatively unstructured gathering of competitors to become a more cohesive, collaborative, and collegial organization. More information on the Guild can be found at

Since 2018, the Guild has been developing a Site Readiness initiative focused on establishing a national standard for site readiness and developing a comprehensive database of those assessed sites. The Guild’s Board of Directors approved this new business initiative in December of 2023. The Program will be an initiative of a new company managed and owned by the Guild.

The Program Director position will be a full-time, contract position with the new company and will have the support of a part-time Administrative Assistant and Managing Director of the Guild. Additional support will be provided by a Board of Directors and Site Readiness Taskforce. This role requires strategic leadership, project management skills, sales, client relationship building and maintenance, as well as an understanding of site selection, economic development, and site readiness criteria.

The Program Director will lead the business with an effective strategy leveraging the organization’s relationship with site representatives and the Guild’s collective membership knowledge. This role envisions a high-impact leader who can make data-driven corporate that elevates this new initiative’s performance and, consequently, the position of the Guild in the industry. As the face of the new initiative, the Director fosters a positive, inspiring, and collaborative work environment that empowers Guild members, staff, and third-party service providers to actively work toward initiative-wide goals.


Roles and responsibilities of the Program Director include:

  • Overseeing the development, implementation, and ongoing management of the Site Readiness business;
  • Collaboration with various stakeholders, including The SSG Board of Directors, Managing Director, Guild Members, Guild Partners, other economic development organizations, utility organizations, site owners/developers, and other potential customers;
  • Managing the site assessment process, ensuring thorough documentation and accurate readiness scoring;
  • Leading the development and maintenance of the online site readiness database;
  • Leading sales and marketing efforts for the program;
  • Coordinating with third-party service providers;
  • Overall Program financial and organization management;
  • Providing strategic input into program development, leveraging industry expertise, and
  • Managing program profit and loss performance in conjunction with the Managing Director of the Guild, and making adjustments as necessary to meet strategic goals.


The Program Director will report directly to a Board of Directors, with oversight and operational support provided by the Managing Director of the Site Selectors Guild.


  • Have proven ability to develop and manage a new program with profit and loss accountability;
  • Possess proven experience in project and/or business management, preferably in economic development, site selection, and related marketing and sales;
  • Have excellent communication and presentation skills;
  • Be highly organized and able to work independently;
  • Have strong computer skills, including all Microsoft Office applications; and
  • Able to travel on occasion


  • Site selection, economic development, site engineering, or other relevant experience;
  • Marketing and sales experience;
  • An understanding of site readiness criteria and assessment processes;
  • Managing third-party professional service providers;
  • Experience working with or reporting to a Board of Directors; and
  • Ability to work independently in a startup environment.


All members of the Guild possess college degrees, and many have advanced degrees or education beyond four years of college, as do our stakeholders. Candidates for this position are expected to reflect a commensurate level of educational attainment.


The application period has closed.

Carrie Kelly, Managing Director
[email protected]