SSG Advisory Forums

SSG Advisory Forums

June 15, 2016

Looking for a unique and effective way to:

  • Bring top site selection consultants to your area
  • Show off your community or region
  • Get more “added value” on your investment in a site selector event
  • Educate yourself and your stakeholders on the site selection process
  • Get feedback from experienced consultants on your competitiveness for business attraction
  • Learn more about your target industry location trends and factors

Site Selectors Guild (SSG) members value the relationships that are shared with economic development and investment promotion agencies across the globe. It is through these relationships and sharing of information and ideas, that site selection projects are able to be completed in an efficient and thorough manner, and result in successful outcomes for all parties. It is because of this that SSG established its Advisory Forum services.

What is an SSG Advisory Forum?
Advisory Forums are one of the most effective ways a region can market itself to site selectors and enhance business attraction efforts. SSG works with states, regions and communities to provide officially sanctioned SSG Advisory Forums where attendees have the opportunity to learn from some of the nation’s leading site selectors.

On an official SSG Advisory Forum, three to eight (or more!) compensated members will visit a community or regional area to get a feel for the available properties, community amenities, and overall business climate for a particular industry or industries. Based on this information, as well as knowledge from conducting site selection projects across the country in numerous communities/areas, the SSG consultant attendees provide valuable feedback and recommendations as to how an area can be more competitive in its business attraction efforts and other areas.

A typical SSG Advisory Forum occurs over a two and a half day period that is tailored to the community or regional area where it is held. The tours and number of consultants can be customized depending on need, geography, budget, and other factors. The event culminates on the last day with a panel discussion with the SSG consultant attendees to an audience of the client’s choosing, which provides specific feedback and recommendations on ways to become more competitive for business investment, as well as provides education to the community stakeholders on how business location decisions are made.

What are the benefits of an SSG Advisory Forum?
There are many benefits to engaging SSG for an Advisory Forum event in your community including:

  • Direct Exposure – to over 40 professional site selection consultants
  • Networking with Top Consultants
  • Relationship Building with Target Audience
  • Professional Feedback on Local Issues
  • Site Selection and Industry Education