The Value of Location Advisory Services

The Value of Location Advisory Services

May 22, 2019

Finding the ideal site to locate a new or expanding business is a complex task. It involves extensive research and counsel on a wide range of business decision-making factors, including:

  • Site access and geotechnical considerations for facility construction
  • Logistics issues impacting both customers and suppliers
  • Infrastructure needs, including transportation and utility capacities
  • Availability and ongoing pipeline of qualified labor
  • Total startup and operational cost considerations
  • Economic incentives and negotiation
  • Tax liabilities
  • Market and competitor analyses, including geo-political risks

Guild members bring extraordinary value to the site selection process. To be a Guild member requires demonstrated expertise, at least seven years of experience and high levels of satisfaction from the client companies and economic development organization partners they engage. Members operate by the Guild’s Code of Conduct to ensure their commitment to the highest professional standards. They also organize and participate in educational activities to champion the profession and ensure communities address the informational needs and priorities of companies looking for ideal facility locations.

A Word About Incentives

Incentives negotiation is an important location advisory service, but only one of many factors involved in site recommendations and the site selection decision-making process. Clients determine the importance of incentives in each project’s overall success formula.