2024 Annual Conference Details & Downloads

Below is the attendee list and breakout session PPTs for the 2024 Annual Conference.

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Breakout Sessions

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  1. Navigating the Energy Landscape in 2024
    Panelists: Tracey Hyatt Bosman, Didi Caldwell, Will Hearn and Phil Schneider (Session Lead)
  2. The Power of Second: Turning a “Near-Win” Into a Competitive Advantage
    Panelists: Alex Ash, Jeannette Goldsmith, Chad Sweeney and Gregg Wassmansdorf (Session Lead)
  3. Investment Insomnia: FDI Issues Keeping Global Executives Up at Night
    Panelists: Andreas Dressler, Spencer Schobert, Matthijs Weeink and Dennis Meseroll (Session Lead)
  4. Pitch Perfect: Real-Time Feedback on EDO Collateral
    Panelists: Johan Beukema, Monty Turner, Leslie Wagner and Kim Moore (Session Lead)
  5. Navigating Scarcity: How EDOs Can Approach Talent, Site and Energy Shortages
    Panelists: David Dera, Dennis Donovan, Don Schjeldahl and Sarah White (Session Lead)
  6. Lightning Round: The Six Top Topics in 60 Minutes
    Panelists: Natalie Lynch, John Rocca, Thomas Stringer, Matt Szuhaj, Mike Mullis (Session Lead) and Patsy Van Hove
  7. Leading Forward: Recommended Traits for Next Gen ED Leadership
    Panelists: Sydney August, Elias van Herwaarden, Bob Hess (Session Lead) and Andrew Ratchford