The Potential and Limitations of AI in Site Selection


The Potential and Limitations of AI in Site Selection

January 31, 2024

No industry sector – the site selection industry included – is immune from the disruption brought on by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). The Site Selectors Guild, the only association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants, took some initial steps toward understanding the potential impacts of AI on the site selection industry. Seeking answers, the Guild undertook two research projects in the fall of 2023.

  1. A survey of Guild members to gauge their current and anticipated use of AI in the site selection process, the greatest opportunities, and existing limitations to create a comprehensive overview of the integration of AI in the site selection industry.
  2. A research study designed to “test” three AI platforms against human-generated outcomes in two real-world site selection projects – one office and one industrial.

As professionals who manage high-stakes location decision-making for companies across the globe, Guild members recognize the importance of understanding how AI tools might be successfully leveraged without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of site location searches.

Download the white paper for the full methodology and findings.

Key Findings

According to the survey of Guild members, 40% of site selection consultants report using AI for office or administrative functions.
While 38% of Guild members report using AI in some capacity for a client’s site selection project, there is strong consensus (60%) that do not use AI in the actual location search.
According to the Guild’s test of three AI platforms, there is some overlap between the human-generated and the AI-generated lists. However, there is tremendous variation among the AI platforms, depending on how the queries are entered.
Unlike the office project, none of the top three locations on the consultant list appeared on any of the AI-generated lists for the industrial project, and ChatGPT 3.5 recommended speaking to a professional site selector.