Ready Or Not


Ready Or Not

Now active in at least 36 states, site readiness programs have become a valuable tool for economic development organizations to attract projects, while also helping companies and site selection consultants to make faster, more informed decisions on the viability of potential sites. But fast adoption without a defined standard has led to significant inconsistencies from program to program. This white paper evaluates the site readiness landscape and makes recommendations for solutions ahead.

The Impact of Site Readiness Programs

Source: 2019 Site Selectors Guild Fall Forum Survey

Would a National Standard be Useful to EDOs?

Source: 2019 Site Selectors Guild Fall Forum Survey & 2019 Site Readiness Roundtable

Site readiness programs are active in at least 36 states

A technical stamp of certification is not required for selection

In the absence of a national standard, there are inconsistencies

The USGBC’s LEED program is a potential model



The Value and Future of Site Readiness Programs in Corporate Location Decisions

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