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Mark Sweeney


McCallum Sweeney Consulting
South Carolina

MSC is one of the leading site selection firms in North America. Senior staff with MSC have more than 75 years of combined location consulting experience, having assisted many of the world’s largest and best-known companies. Our client list includes such quality firms as Michelin, Northrop Grumman, Nissan, Boeing, SGL Group/BMW Group (joint venture), Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Dollar General, Hertz, and Sallie Mae.

McCallum Sweeney Consulting’s clients come from all over the world; our site searches are primarily in North America. We help companies in every industry, and the projects we help them with are manufacturing, distribution and office; our office projects are primarily headquarters.

MSC specializes in site selection and incentives negotiation services. While we assist companies in every industry and with all types of projects, we are expert in such areas as automotive assembly, aircraft and aviation assembly and components, carbon fiber and other specialty materials, and large scale distribution.

North America
Automotive Pharma Chemicals and Plastics
Advanced Manufacturing Food and Beverage Logistics, Warehouse and Distribution
Paper Forestry, Minerals, Metal Aerospace, Aeronautics and Aviation
Daiichi Sankyo Hertz Michelin
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Nissan Oreck
PACCAR SGL Carbon Fibers Shaw Industries

Mark Sweeney was born in New Jersey, went to high school in Charlotte NC, lived for six years in Louisiana, and has spent most of the rest of his time in South Carolina. Sweeney has a BS from Appalachian State University, and his MBA from Clemson University, and is a Murphy Fellowship for graduate work in Economics at Tulane University.