Chemicals and Plastics

Headshot of Michelle Comerford

Michelle Comerford


Industrial and Supply Chain Practice Lead

Headshot of Dennis Donovan

Dennis Donovan

Board Member


Headshot of Olaf Babinet

Olaf Babinet

Managing Director

Headshot of H Robert Beohringer III

H. Robert Boehringer, III

Managing Director, Global Location and Expansion Services

Headshot of Tracey Hyatt Bosman

Tracey Hyatt Bosman

Managing Director

Headshot of Rene Buck

René Buck


Didi Caldwell

Past Chair

President & Founding Principal

Headshot of Ron Crum

Ron Crum

Practice Lead - Industrial Site Selection

Headshot of Jeannette Goldsmith

Jeannette Goldsmith

Vice President

Headshot of Von Hatley

Von Hatley

Managing Director

Headshot of William Hearn

Will Hearn

Director, Site Selection and Real Estate

Headshot of Elias Van Herwaarden

Elias van Herwaarden

Head of Location Strategy, Occupier Services - EMEA

Associate Member

Taylor Gravois


Emeritus Member
Headshot of Mark Sweeney

Mark Sweeney