Food and Beverage

Headshot of Michelle Comerford

Michelle Comerford

Board Member

Industrial and Supply Chain Practice Lead

Headshot of Chris Lloyd

Chris Lloyd

Board Member
Past Chair

Senior Vice President and Director, Infrastructure and Economic Development

Gregg Wassmansdorf

Board Member
Past Chair

Senior Managing Director, Consulting

Kim Moore

Board Advisor

Executive Managing Director

Alex Ash

Managing Director

Johan Beukema

Managing Director
Nijmegen, Gelderland

Headshot of Tracey Hyatt Bosman

Tracey Hyatt Bosman

Managing Director

Headshot of Rene Buck

René Buck


Headshot of Darin Buelow

Darin Buelow


Didi Caldwell

Past Chair

President and CEO

Headshot of Ron Crum

Ron Crum

Practice Lead - Industrial Site Selection

Kim Williams Davis


Headshot of Jan Desmaretz

Jan Desmaretz

Senior Manager Strategic Investment Decisions

Headshot of Dennis Donovan

Dennis Donovan


Headshot of Andreas Dressler

Andreas Dressler

Managing Director

Courtney Dunbar

Director – Site Selection

Headshot of Jay Garner

Jay Garner

Past Chair

President and Founder

Taylor Gravois


Headshot of Elias Van Herwaarden

Elias van Herwaarden

Head of Location Strategy, Occupier Services - EMEA

Jason Hickey

President & CEO

Brad Lindquist

Executive Managing Director

John Longshore

Senior Managing Director

Dennis Meseroll

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Denise Mullis

Vice President

Headshot of Mike Mullis

Mike Mullis

President & CEO

Headshot of Sarah Raehi

Sarah Raehl

Senior Manager of Real Estate and Location Strategy

Jim Renzas

Senior Director

Matt Ryder


Headshot of Don Schjeldahl

Don Schjeldahl


Spencer Schobert

Senior Managing Director

Headshot of Alexandra Segars

Alexandra Segers

General Manager

Headshot of Matt Szuhaj

Matt Szuhaj

Managing Director

Patsy Van Hove

Global Leader

Matthijs Weeink


Sarah White

Principal and Vice President of Site Selection

Carter Wood

Senior Manager

Gary Yates


Associate Member

Sydney August


Tess Fay

Principal and VP of Location Intelligence

Natalie Lynch

Real Estate & Location Strategy Manager

Andrew Ratchford


Emeritus Member
Headshot of Deane Foote

Deane Foote


Headshot of John Sisson

John Sisson

Owner and Site Location Consultant

Headshot of Mark Sweeney

Mark Sweeney