Data Centers

Headshot of Gregg Wassmansdorf

Gregg Wassmansdorf


Senior Managing Director, Consulting

Larry Gigerich

Vice Chair

Executive Managing Director

phil schneider site selector

Phil Schneider

Past Chair


Headshot of Angelos Angelou

Angelos Angelou

Founder and Principal Executive Officer

Headshot of Tracey Hyatt Bosman

Tracey Hyatt Bosman

Managing Director

Didi Caldwell

Past Chair

President & Founding Principal

Headshot of William Hearn

Will Hearn

Director, Site Selection and Real Estate

Bob Hess

Vice Chairman, Global Strategy

Headshot of Jason Hickey

Jason Hickey

President & CEO

Brad Lindquist

Executive Managing Director

Headshot of Dennis Meseroll

Dennis Meseroll

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Headshot of Scott Redabaugh

Scott Redabaugh

Managing Director

Associate Member

Carter Wood

Senior Manager