Guild Member Profile

Patsy Van Hove

Global Leader

IBM-PLI (Plant Location International)
Brussels, Belgium

Patsy has more than 25 years of corporate location experience. She has been involved in several 100 strategic location & supply chain optimization projects, helping corporate clients prepare for the future in an ever evolving world and disruptive operating environments. She also regularly supports IBM internally with its global location and sourcing strategies.

Based on these corporate insights, Patsy assisted multiple economic development and investment promotion agencies around the world with strategic advice on how to create resilient and thriving economies, preparing their location for the new ways of working and connecting them with the right ecosystem partners in doing so.

Data Centers Aerospace, Aeronautics and Aviation Electronics
Paper Logistics, Warehouse and Distribution Food and Beverage
R&D Advanced Manufacturing Financial
Chemicals and Plastics Medical and Life Sciences Pharma
Business Services and HQ Automotive IT
Energy Tech