Business Services and HQ

Headshot of Chris Lloyd

Chris Lloyd


Senior Vice President and Director, Infrastructure and Economic Development

Headshot of Gregg Wassmansdorf

Gregg Wassmansdorf

Vice Chair

Senior Managing Director, Consulting

Larry Gigerich


Executive Managing Director

Headshot of Dennis Donovan

Dennis Donovan

Board Member


Headshot of Seth Martindale

Seth Martindale

Board Member

Senior Managing Director

Headshot of Olaf Babinet

Olaf Babinet

Managing Director

Headshot of H Robert Beohringer III

H. Robert Boehringer, III

Managing Director, Global Location and Expansion Services

Headshot of Tracey Hyatt Bosman

Tracey Hyatt Bosman

Managing Director

Headshot of Rene Buck

René Buck


Didi Caldwell

Past Chair

President & Founding Principal

Headshot of Andreas Dressler

Andreas Dressler

Managing Director

Headshot of Von Hatley

Von Hatley

Managing Director

Associate Member

Kim Moore

Senior Managing Director

Emeritus Member
Headshot of Deane Foote

Deane Foote